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Accommodation Adršpach

Active holidays in Adršpach

The Broumov Region and the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks area offer a number of activities that can be enjoyed all year round. Lovers of hiking, biking and rock climbing will find excellent opportunities for their hobbies in the area. The region is famous for the perfect rock climbing conditions. Rock climbers are welcome to visit all six of the most sought-after climbing sites: Adršpach, Teplice Rock Town (Teplické skalní město), Křížový vrch (Peak of the Cross), Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály), Ostaš and Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny).

The Broumov region is an ideal location for family holidays, weekend gatherings or all kinds of sport activities.

Our Offer

  • Accommodation for 8 (12) people
  • two 4-bedded rooms with a TV set and Internet access (plus 4 beds in the attic)
  • each room has its own bathroom with a toilet
  • completely furnished kitchen with a dining place, a fridge and a microwave oven
  • seating under the shed in the garden with a fire place by the brook
  • safekeeping of bikes
  • parking beside the house
  • dogs allowed

Adršpach - Environment

Adršpach, Teplice and Broumov Regions The natural wonders of the Broumov region are especially represented by the beauty of the sandstone rock towns. Adršpach Rock Town and Broumov Walls are the most popular ones. Although smaller yet interesting, Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály), Ostaš and the Peak of the Cross (Křížový vrch) are a must as well. The Broumov region is closely related to the Polish border region that features many other attractive places such as Table Mountains (Gory Stolowe) or Owl Mountains (Soví hory).

Tourist trails:

  • Marked tourist trails lead from Bišík to Teplice Rock Town and continue on to Adršpach.
  • Trails in the opposite direction take tourists to the Ostaš Mountain and the Hvězda peak.
  • There is a dense network of bike routes around the whole of the Teplice-Adršpach Rocks

Accommodation Adršpach - Photo Gallery

Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky

We would like to provide all possible information about our beautiful surroundings to guarantee a pleasant stay to you.

Accommodation Adršpach

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