Ubytování Adršpach - U Studánky

Accommodation Adršpach U Studánky - Intersting locations

The Adršpach Cliffs

One of the best-known and most visited cliff dwellings in Europe offers tourists an unusual view of interesting sandstone formations and also the opportunity to try their hand at climbing them.

The Teplice Cliffs

The tour circuit of the Teplice Cliffs is well known thanks to the extraordinary cliff formations and the beautiful preserved landscape. It is 6 kilometres long and takes 2-3 hours to view.

The Broumov Cliffs

These cliffs rise from the Broumov Highlands between the towns of Police nad Metují and Broumov. This 12 km long forested ridge continues to the border saddle beneath Hejšovina and was declared a National Nature Reservation.

The Monastery in Broumov

This concerns an imposing complex of buildings, the present condition of which is the result of modifications according to a project by K.I. Dientzhofer. Within the scope of the tour you can visit the monastery church of Saint Vojtech, the vestry, the refectory and the monastery library.

The Mansion in Náchod

According to their interest, visitors can view the Gothic cellars, the tower with dungeon, the former castle moat containing live bears, the mansion gardens or take a look at the nearby old military cemetery.

The Mansion in Nové Město nad Metují

This Renaissance mansion was built by the Pernstein family and is an integral component of the town monument reserve. The mansion building is known for its interiors in peak Art Noveau, Art Deco and Functionalist styles, and Baroque statues from the workshop of Matyás Bernard Braun can also be seen in the mansion gardens.

Ratibořice and Babiččino údolí (Grandmother’s Valley)

The National Natural and Cultural monument of Babiččino údolí and the lands and buildings including the mansion, the old bleachery, the mill and the mangle and the Lord’s pub create a period atmosphere, which was captured in the works of Božena Němcová.

The Dobrošov Fortress

The Dobrošov Fortress is part of a long chain of fortifications which were to have protected the country against the expected siege by the German army at the beginning of the Second World War. The Artillery building and the system of underground tunnels and halls are open to the public.

The Merkur Construction Set Museum

In this museum you can see the Steel Town, the Large Merkur Railway on a scale of 1:45 and a whole number of other historical and present-day exhibits. Apart from this, you can also purchase modern Merkur construction set products.

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